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Mamba Crypto

Join the Mamba Crypto Community and let's take this token to the top of the meme coin market!!

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    How To Buy

    Project Information

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    We are seasoned crypto investors and have been around many years to see it all.  Like you, we’ve had some big wins, but we’ve also suffered losses.  Sure, some losses were due to inexperience and things out of our control (such as a bear market and crypto winters), but others resulted from rugpulls and Ponzi schemes.  


    This is why we created the Mamba token.  Like its namesake, it will be deadly to these rugpull projects.  It is beyond frustrating to make a huge profit, only to find when you cash out; there is no money.


    This is why we built a 100 % Liquidity Pool and a five-year lock.  When you invest in the Mamba token and cash out, your money is your money, not ours.  We’re here to make you money; not take your money.


    Also, like the Liquidity Pool, we are 100% focused on building a strong community to achieve maximum success.  Our roadmap includes play-to-earn games, NFT’s, unique use of the meta verse, and other creative platforms.


    This is an exciting time, but you must be careful with your investments.  The Mamba token will strike down these rugpulls and aggressively defend our community.  We ask you to please join us.


    Thank you.

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    Token Creation

    The Mamba token was created on the BSC network. The token is being launched on PancakeSwap after the Fair Launch on Gempad in Mid May, 2023

    Mamba Crypto 


    Tokennomics that set us apart.
    100% Liquidity Pool--Locked

    Mamba crypto was designed to be a community token project that gives it's holders the advantage of knowing from the begininning 100% of the liquidity is locked for 5 years. and that if you do well on paper you should be able to reap the rewards when you cash out!


    Community Building

    We are experienced crypto investors that have made a lot of money along with being taken advantage of over the years with crypto projects that seem legit yet are nothing but Hype and Theives on the Dev Teams. We can promise that this community will run this project with the majority rules. 


    NFTs and Games

    Mamba NFts will be released June of 2023. The "Slither and Strike Game" will be released late June/early July, 2023


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    Token Supply: 400,000,000,000,000

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    Mamba Crypto

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